Resource for Ownership Intelligence

Uncovering the “Hidden Business”
in Family Business Ownership

This workshop will uncover the “hidden business” that needs to be managed when owning a family enterprise. There are impediments to the business that need the attention of senior management that are different for the privately-held business, vs. a publicly-held business. Some of the areas include: family friction, the lack of resources, financial concerns, estate planning, and leadership skills. Over 70 different “hidden business” issues needing to be managed will emerge from a typical group of entrepreneurs. Left un-managed, these issues often lead to premature failure of a healthy well run business. As it has been said, "Most family business owners work in the business every day, however few work on the business." This workshop identifies the common reasons for premature business failure among privately-held and family business. By using the ROI Privately-held business model every audience member should leave the workshop with a checklist of vital considerations to insure their business’s survival for generations to come.

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The workshop will be custom designed to meet your audiences needs and will be within a 3-hour time frame.

Subjects discussed in this workshop include:

  • Identify the “Hidden Business” impediments to their establishment and approaches to overcome them.
  • Analyze “Hidden Business” solutions and opportunities to long term business success
  • Manage the family asset (business) from generation to generation
  • Evaluate exit options if they become prudent
  • Improve family relationships