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Exit Strategies:
Possibly the Best Strategy to Keep
Your Business Healthy and Operating

Thinking about exit strategies  may possibly be the best strategy to keep your business healthy and operating. Many privately-held businesses will face the reality of selling at some point. Some businesses will wait too long to realize the need to sell and face bankruptcy or the inability to find a buyer. Realizing when to sell can allow the business to survive by reinvesting the capital into new ventures.

The workshop can be designed around 1.5 to 3-hour time frames

The workshop will explore the most common questions about selling a business:

  • When do I sell – how do I know when it is time?
  • How can I avoid selling?
  • To whom do I sell?
  • What method do I use?
  • Important matters to look into before I sell (tax issues, post-closing liabilities, etc.)
  • How to keep the "business" alive for the next generation (even if you sell)
  • Life after the sale
  • The soft side of selling -- how does it feel?


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