Resource for Ownership Intelligence

The New Millennium Economy,
Friend or Foe to Privately Held Businesses?

This workshop will explore the fertile ground of the first 70 years of the 20th century for family and privately held businesses. The concept of owning a business to hand down for generations to come made good sense when business ideas took many years to take hold and about 100 years before they became a commodity in danger of decline and potential business failure. Today business cycles are shorter; technology has changed the pace of product and services from introduction to extinction. Hundred year business cycles have been shortened to an average of 20 years. Today’s business model calls for evaluating your Enterprise-Value and finding ways to leverage this value for generations to come.

The workshop can be designed around 2 to 4-hour time frames.

Subjects discussed in this workshop include:

  • The "New Economy" vs. the "Old Economy" – What is truly different?
  • Identifying where your company is in the business cycle.
  • Understanding the Enterprise-Value of your company (financial, human, and intellectual capital)
  • How to leverage your Enterprise-Value into competitive strategic differentiation
  • What are the unique challenges, problems (and potential solutions) that privately-held and family businesses face in executing business strategies for the new millennium?
  • How do you balance the owner, family and business needs in this new model of the economy?