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Smart Financial Retreats

[half day to 3 days] Customized to your needs

Topics most often included are:
(based on time allowed and audience interest)

Smart Financial Skills

  • Creating Purposeful Allowance: How to base it on financial responsibilities.
  • Savings Plans: Enticing kids to save with goals, incentives and budgeting.
  • The Five Financial Values: Tell yourself no, differentiate between wants and needs, tolerate delayed gratification, make tradeoffs, develop a healthy skepticism.
  • Financial Life Skills: Basic banking, compound interest, reading statements and invoices, electronic banking, check writing, paying bills, FICO scores, the proper use of credit cards and debt, and more.
  • Developing Investment Acumen: Asset classes, asset allocation, VIX, P/E ratios, risk tolerance, the efficient frontier, performing due diligence and more.

Smart Financial Values

  • Talking to Kids About Money: Who, when, what, how and why?
  • Defining the Family’s Financial Values: What are the five primary financial values? How can parents instill them? To what extent do parents model them?  How do their kids feel about money: guilty, entitled, or uninterested?
  • Identifying Intergenerational/Legacy Goals: What is money for? How long will it last? What should parents leave behind? How can attendees calculate a sustainable spending rate?
  • Navigating the High Net Worth Environment: What are the pros and cons of leaving money behind? How do parents define success? When should they let their kids make mistakes or bail them out? 
  • Experience-Based Philanthropy: Setting up charitable giving plans and/or a family foundation to learn about giving to those in need, the family’s values, donating responsibly, and investing.
  • Successful Choices for the Business Owner: Successfully integrating owning and managing a business, finding family harmony and providing children with successful and happy career choices.


Financially Preparing Your Kids:  this retreat targets parents who want to teach their kids about finance.  They will discover fun, effective, easy-to-implement interactive games, tools, and techniques to instill financial knowledge, skills and experience—all based on the family’s financial values.

Parents and Kids Working and Learning Together:  this retreat is designed for families (parents, grandparents and children) to learn together to gain financial acumen and understand their financial values.  The retreat is highly interactive to get the family to identify their financial values while learning specific financial skills.  Our program can be custom designed to work with one family, multiple related families, or a group of families brought together by a sponsor. 

Preparing The Next Generation to be Financially Responsible: this program is custom designed using age appropriate techniques for elementary, middle, high-school kids, as well as young adults .

All our programs provide a safe, open and comfortable forum for exploring different approaches,strategies and tactics to navigate the often-confusing parenting minefield specific to the wealthy.



100% of Family Business Magazine/stetson University workshop survey participants indicated:
"This session was valuable and I would recommend it."