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Succession Planning

Succession Planning

The death of a family leader or exit of a key employee is not the time to start thinking about succession options. Our goal is to assure there is a succession plan in place at a time of transition. Families and family-owned businesses need a strong leadership succession plan in place well before a transition. These plans help families through these often difficult and stressful times. We offer planning or support in the following areas:

Wealth Fails to Transfer Because:


Financial planning, taxes and investments


Unprepared heirs


Lack of communication & trust

Philanthropy, Heirs and Values
by Roy Williams and Dick Pressier

Succession Assessment, Structure Development, and Transition Plans for

  • Ownership and Leadership of Family Businesses
  • Family Offices and High Net Worth Families


From Family Business to Family Office

Our goal is to help families transition into the next phase of life when the company is sold. Often this transition is made easier by setting up a family office, physical or virtual, and by using current and some new trusted advisors. Our services include:

  • Family business liquidity and exit strategies/options. Identify how the family can continue -- or redirect -- its legacy for future generations without the family business as the vehicle for transmitting its values.
  • Discover a consensus regarding what wealth can and should accomplish for the family, individuals, and philanthropic causes.
  • Consider how the next generation can become independent wealth creators vs. being dependent on the family wealth.
  • Develop a governance structure to promote continued family harmony. Click here for more details.
  • Determine which services (such as office support, insurance, other benefits and perks) the family business will no longer provide and help to facilitate a smooth transition of these services.
  • Recognize other changes that may be needed to transition from illiquid stock to liquid cash such as:
    • New family services o Potential new tax planning strategies
    • Revise, change, or create new wills, trusts, and insurance
    • Business and philanthropic opportunities
    • Options for investing together or separately