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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

When your enterprise needs to develop a relevant strategic plan to focus your organization’s vision, ROI has a process that will get you there. Our strategic planning services help organizations undertake longer-range strategic initiatives and provide a process for shorter-term planning. We work to understand the strategic planning goals of the leadership and design processes that:  

  • Involve all stakeholders, including those who will implement the plan
  • Engage participants at a strategic level
  • Conclude with an actionable plan, goals and time lines

Philosophy and Approach:

ROI strategic planning is based on five foundational values: inclusive participation, teamwork and collaboration, individual and group creativity, action and ownership, and reflection and learning. 


We work with you to design strategic planning processes that will get your organization to its goals. ROI is skilled in several facilitation methods including;

  • ToP® Participatory Strategic Planning
  • Future Search
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Open Space Technology

Facilitation Outcomes:

  • Create a shared vision of the future among the strategic planning participants
  • Identify desired outcomes for the business
  • Recognize obstacles that may prevent the business and/or the strategic plan from being successful
  • Develop an array of possible actions to address the obstacles
  • Construct a strategic plan with a method to communicate it to all stakeholders
  • Develop a system and tools to monitor and adjust the progress toward the goals and desired outcomes of the strategic plan