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Governance Planning

Governance Planning

Our goal is to create a structure that will minimize family strife and bring alignment among family stakeholders/stockholders/investors of the wealth, while enhancing knowledge-sharing and communication. We work with wealthy families, family businesses, and family offices to develop the appropriate governance structure for their situation. Governance and stewardship are the basic building blocks that sustain and/or increase wealth for generations. Our services include:

Facilitate, Organize, Assess, Design, Develop and Implement:

  • Organizational Structures for Family, Family Business or Family Offices
  • Board of Directors/Advisory Councils
  • Family Councils/Family Meetings
  • Family Foundations

Governance and stewardship
helps to avoid the proverb:
"From shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves

in three generations."

Human Capital Development:

  • Assess Current Family Members’ Capabilities
  • Identify Next Generation Leadership
  • Train Future Facilitators/Leaders
  • Identify Potential Outside Board or Advisory Members

Legacy/Stewardship Development:

  • Create By-laws and/or a Governing Charter
  • Develop or Revise a Mission Statement
  • Suggest Meeting Agenda Topics

Our governance planning consulting develops a structure which maintains healthy constructive family connections and accountability from generation to generation, providing safe deliberation and idea exchange for the family.