Resource for Ownership Intelligence

Human Resource Management

350  Essentials of H. R. Management

351  Basics of compensation

432  Retaining employees with no/low cost benefits

353  Effective recruitment and selection

354  Orienting and training your employee

355  Keeping good employees

356  The cost of loosing employees

357  The need for new blood – what is good turnover?

358  Management reward structures in a private business

359  Leadership style for the business owner

360  Leadership best practices

360  Leading change and organizational renewal inspiring your staff to jumpstart your business

361  How to manage the “ripple effect” of change

362  Enhanced management and relationship skills

363  Effective recruitment and selection

364  Orienting and training your employees

365  Negotiations and conflict management

366  Dynamics of effective leadership

367  Legal and social environment of management

368  Employment law in the workplace

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