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The compounded growth rate of our profits over the last 5 years is 10% or more per year.

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Our market share, on average, has grown over the past 5 years.

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We have a board of directors or an advisory board (composed of at least 75% non-stockholders or partners) that meets at least once a year.

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We have stockholders or partners meetings at least once a year. (For family firms the meetings should include non-working stockholders, stockholder's spouses, and other financially interested parties). 

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We have a successors identified in writing for all of the key people in our organization. 

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We have a written plan as to the requirements needed for a family member to work in the business.  Included in the plan is a provision that the in-coming family member must work outside of the business for at least 5 years.

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We have a Buy/Sell  agreement.

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We have an agreement that allows shareholders or partners to exit the business while they are still alive.

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a) If the business is not going to be passed down to the next generation, we have an exit strategy.
b) If the business is going to be passed down to the next generation, the senior generation has announced to the family a date as to when they will exit from the business and hand control to the next generation.

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We have an estate plan for each owner that would provide for at least one of the following three provisions upon death (if any of the owners are married this assumes the spouse dies at the same time):
a) There would be no estate tax owed.
b) There is sufficient life insurance to cover the estate tax liability.
c) There is money put away to cover the estate taxes.

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