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“It’s Your Business Radio, Ownership Management 10 Minutes at a Time

Listen to 5 to10 minute interviews with experts in the field of business ownership. Each topic deals with a business subject as it relates specifically to privately owned business. Topics include Accounting, Management, Succession Planning, and Governance.



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Succession Planning -- planning for the future of the business and your family

What would happen to your business if you were no longer able to run it? What would happen to your family? Who would take charge of the business and keep it running? All of these questions and more are explored in this interview. You will hear expert advice on successful succession planning techniques and the reasons why it is important to start planning today! Our Guest is:

Andrew D. Keyt, Executive Director
Loyola University Chicago  Family Business Center


Profit is a matter of opinion and cash is a matter of fact

Have you ever noticed that your cash flow never seems to be the same as the profit your accountant said that you made last year? Tune in to hear how you can better manage the profit and cash flow of your business. Our Guest is:

Steve Moroni, Gallagher, Lieb, Moroni & Associates


Managing your employees' different personalities

Managing employees is one of the toughest daily tasks of a business owner. Tune in to this program for some tips on identifying different personality styles and how knowing them can help you manage your employees better. Our Guest is:

Jeanne Gourgechon,  Principal of Changepace



Board of directors or advisors -- how can they help your business?

"Every business needs a board," says Andrew Keyt. Find out what a board can do for your business. What should a board do? Who should be on the board? How many is enough? How do boards help in succession? These are just some of the questions that will be answered in this program. Our Guest is:

Andrew D. Keyt, Executive Director
Loyola University Chicago  Family Business Center